Relational Prayer

5 01 2009

Currently I am reading a book by Dr. Larry Crabb called “The PAPA Prayer”.  I have been challenged in my prayer life lately as I have been reading.  Many times I will go to the “Give me” petitionary type prayers without any consideration of my relationship with God.    In Larry’s book, I am being challenged to center my prayer in relationship with God.  What is most important is how I am relating to Him and often it is the quick 5 minute version of a list of “give mes” or my own selfish perspectives.

To change my perspective I must focus on my relationship with Christ as if He were sitting in a chair facing me.  Having a conversation as I would anyone I know or love should come easily, but with the Lord it can become more of a challenge.  So Dr. Crabb has a pattern to the PAPA prayer that I hope to practice in the coming days:

P Present yourself to God.

A Attend to how you are thinking of God.

P Purge yourself of anything that blocks your relationship with God.

A Approach God as the “first thing” in your life.

I am excited to experience relational prayer in my spiritual life in 2009.  I look forward to spending more time like Mary who sat at the feet of our Lord Jesus.




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14 01 2009

Good stuff.

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